Rabri Falooda, a perfect dessert that no one can deny

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Rabri Falooda, a perfect dessert that no one can deny

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Indian cuisines are known for their taste and mouthwatering flavors. Indian food is loved by people from all over the world, those who visit India never forget to taste the signature dishes of the state they are visiting. Meals itself says a lot about the culture and traditions of India.

Even if you are full, your meal is just incomplete without having a dessert. People always have some extra space left after the meal to grab the dessert. There are endless desserts that you can try but Rabri Falooda holds a special place. It is delicious, it is creamy, it is sweet and it has got everything to complete your meal. Here is everything you need to know about this awesome dessert which will make you run to nearest Falooda place Downtown Toronto right away.

What is Rabri Falooda?

Rabri Falooda is one of the perfect desserts to beat the heat of summers. In sweating summers, having a Falooda ice-cream will take you to the seventh heaven. Here are the ingredients of this mouthwatering dessert:

  • Rose Syrup, to bring freshness and nice fragrant flavor in the dessert.
  • Vermicelli, to satisfy your taste buds that calls for softness.
  • Sweet basil seeds mixed with jelly to have unique and different flavor
  • The scoop of Indian Kulfi cut into pieces to bring cold, soft and sweet flavor

Mixing all of these makes the perfect dessert. Few people like it in the liquid state as well, while some like it with kulfi. The seeds mixed with jelly has the perfect cooling effect on the body. You can always top this mouthwatering dessert with nuts and cashews but even if you don’t it’s not going to taste any less.


Origin of this mouthwatering dish is from Persia, and it came to India somewhere between 16th and 18th century by Muslim merchants who finally settled in India. Originally the form was totally different and what we are eating today is the transformed version by Mughal Empire. Not only in India but Pakistani culture has a special place for this dessert and on special Islamic occasions, this mouthwatering dish is served at all the places.

You may find the variants of this dish in different countries but nothing can beat the original Rabri Falooda. No matter in which country you are leaving, just Google best “Falooda Rabri near me” and eat only the best of it.

Finding the perfect “Falooda Rabri place Toronto” has never been an issue as Indians are spread across the globe and they carry the taste of authentic food along with them.

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