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If you have ever been to Bombay and have visited a Chaat Place at the Bombay Chowpatty in Downtown Toronto, you cannot forget the taste and tang of the sweet and savory Indian Chaat Food in Toronto. If you miss being in Bombay or aren’t lucky enough to pay a visit to India and enjoy these chaat delicacies, Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto is here to make your food dreams come true.

We are an authentic Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto special Chaat Place in Toronto that serves you tasty, tangy and conventional Indian Chaat Food in Toronto delicacies. Whether you are in search for the best Bhelpuri Place in Toronto or craving for a sweet and refreshing paan after meals, Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto warmly invites you to the galore of Indian Street Food Toronto.

  • Authentic Flavors of Indian Chaat Food in Toronto on your plates.
  • Specialty chefs with expertise in sweet and savory dishes.
  • Premium Paan Place in Toronto to relish a royal Paan
  • 100% tasty and 100% satisfaction.
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vada pav place toronto

Chana Bhatura

Flutty deep fried white flour bread served with curried chickpeas along with chutneys, onionss & pickles.

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street food toronto

Dahi Puri

Crispy hollow shells filled with potatoes, chickpeas & ragda topped with green chutney & yoghurt.

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falooda shop

Royal Falooda

Rose, milk & icecream based dessert along with sabja seeds, rice noodles, loaded with dryfruits.

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paan place

Sweet Pann

Sweet and sadha paan on Calcutta leaf.

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Bombay Chowpatty Premium Chaat Place in Toronto

Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto is an initiative to cater the Indian Food lovers in Toronto with the premium Chaat Food in Toronto. We strive to make our assortments richer in quantity and quality to satiate the cravings of all sorts. We use classiest ingredients and traditional recipes ensuring that the conventional taste buds of the modern residents of Toronto enjoy a blast of flavors in every bite. We have established ourselves as the best Falooda Place Toronto by serving scrumptious Indian Falooda Dishes in Toronto that melt in the mouth. Besides being the Falooda king, we are also renowned for serving crispy vada pav and samosa and of course our specialty, the hypnotic Paan in Toronto. Pay us a visit and experience the true taste of the best Chaat Food in Toronto ever!!

High Quality & Mouthwatering Indian Chaat Food in Toronto

Do not miss the authentic Indian Chaat Food in Toronto anymore. Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto is the new address to hit if you are searching for the best Indian Chaat Food Place near me Toronto. From Aallo Tikki to Vada Pav and Kulfi to Falooda, we serve you a wide range of tasty & fresh sweet and savory dishes. Known for our authentic taste and freshness of food, we are dedicated to bringing you the real flavors of India in the most conventional settings. When you visit us, besides offering you a mouthful of flavors, we also offer you a chance to make awesome memories to cherish forever.

Our Commitment to Quality and Quantity

What makes Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto stands out of the crowd is our commitment to quality and quantity. We thrive to prepare delicious and mouthwatering dishes which are both flavorsome as well as healthy. Understanding the needs of the Indian appetite we maintain the perfect balance of spices and other ingredients and offer rich, tasty and tempting dishes of Indian origin.

From families to couples, office colleagues to college peers and more, we are a place that is perfect to hit for best Indian Chaat Food in Toronto with your favorite company. Committed to quality and quantity, we serve you dishes that satiates your need for taste and appetite.

Our Menu

Enjoy relishing a comprehensive menu of sweet and savory dishes from the streets of India. At Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto, we present you the richest menu ever. We are the best Indian Chaat Place in Downtown Toronto because we serve the most comprehensive range of Indian Chaat items in our menu. Our menu comprises of hot and cold dishes both in sweet and savory flavors. Known for our rich & creamy Falooda to serving you a spicy Vada Pav with refreshing mint chutney, at Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto, we have all your cravings covered.

Special Items

Come and enjoy our extensive range of food items that deliver taste and satisfaction, we have some items listed as “special entrees” in our menu which offer a blast of taste, flavor, and spices. With every spoonful of our Chana Bhatura, Dahi Puri, sweet (meetha) pan and the best Royal Falooda in Toronto, you are sure to get set to visit the same Indian old lanes for the taste as well as the authentic feel.

What our customers say

  • nitin malhotra Avatar
    nitin malhotra

    Their street food is amazing. Also, the Kashmiri Chai is authentic. Washrooms need to be cleaner though

    raghu v Avatar
    raghu v

    i loved the food and the service, i would definitely suggest people to eat there

    Noveljeetkaur Thind Avatar
    Noveljeetkaur Thind

    Good customer service Awesome food

    Supreet Wasan Avatar
    Supreet Wasan

    Amazing place to eat Pani Puri and Dahi Puri with the Ragda. Makes me remember of street food of Mumbai. The staff is al... read more

    Abe H Avatar
    Abe H

    Had a great meal of Chaat, drinks, gulab jamun, and a seafood dish. The help of the staff was fantastic and I remember o... read more

    Moon Bhattacharya Avatar
    Moon Bhattacharya

    Great food and service. We were greeted with a big smile by our server Tushar as soon as we walked into the place. The f... read more

    Rai Narendra Avatar
    Rai Narendra

    Authentic Indian tasty street food!! Must try!!

    Ambika Puri Avatar
    Ambika Puri

    The food was genuinely really great and the decor is inviting and minimal, Komal was a great hostess!

  • ashish malik Avatar
    ashish malik

    Visited first time I must say Chaat patri , samsa chat were amazing.Zarvan was a perfect host to be with.

    Swasti Sinha Avatar
    Swasti Sinha

    We had amazing samosa chaat, pani Puri, chaat papdi.. Reminded me of Mumbai street food having it late night around the ... read more

    Ram Dular Avatar
    Ram Dular

    Great food enjoyed the snacks going to be a regular customer

    Nowroj Islam Avatar
    Nowroj Islam

    Delicious cold coffee and puri, delicious. The staff were friendly and helpful, Honey provided good service.

    Sandra Milena Barrios Fragozo Avatar
    Sandra Milena Barrios Fragozo

    Food was good

    Himanshu Kulshrestha Avatar
    Himanshu Kulshrestha

    Amazing place for any Indian Chaats and foods….Price is reasonable but great service.Definitely recommend !!!

    viren patel Avatar
    viren patel

    Awesome food. Papdi chat was awesome. INDER was friendly and helpful. 👍

    Fatma Suleiman Avatar
    Fatma Suleiman

    Much respect to you guys! I just ordered online for 3rd time since 1 year ago and Wow! Everything was amazing and the pr... read more

  • siddharth singh Avatar
    siddharth singh

    Not bad! However, kindly go back to the regular buns, rather than the herby multigrains with pav bhaji, especially!

    raheel naeem Avatar
    raheel naeem

    Great quality food. 10/10


    Reminds me the taste of India!! Best place for street food lover and great cutomer service.Must visit this place.

    ziyan shaikh Avatar
    ziyan shaikh

    Excellent food! A bit overpriced though

    parth guglani Avatar
    parth guglani

    Good quality food! Best for chaat and other Indian snacks

    Sukhjinder Kaur Avatar
    Sukhjinder Kaur

    delicious food and excellent customer service.

    Steve TJ Avatar
    Steve TJ

    Great food here and great service from Komal. We had the eggplant fries, potato/cauliflower curry and some other items... read more

    Waniya Mehmood Avatar
    Waniya Mehmood

    The food was great, I recommend coming here!