About us

Bombay Chowpatty Serves Best Street Food in Toronto

Obsessed with the divinity of street food in Bombay, we bring you the true flavors and cuisines of Indian Chaat food in Toronto. We are your answer for “best Indian paan shop near me” as well as “best chaat place downtown Toronto”. Serving authentic and tasteful Indian chaat delicacies, we fill your platters with a variety of Indian delicacies including Dahi Bhalla, SevPuri, BhelPuri, Chaat, VadaPav, and the most iconic Paan. Bombay Chowpatty is the address for best Samosas in Toronto and 100% satisfaction.

  • Serving best Indian chaat in Toronto.
  • Experience taste and flavors at its best.
  • Instant service and 100% gratification.
  • We cater with love and respect.

We Serve You Quality and Variety

As the most reputed Indian Chaat Place in Toronto, Bombay Chowpatty offers you the richest range of Indian chaat items. We thrive to deliver our customers with the best quality and variety of Indian street food in Toronto to help them savor the authentic Indian taste here in Toronto. With a team of specialized chefs and a vault of several authentic Indian chaat food recipes, we are proudly able to boast ourselves as the best chaat and falooda place in Toronto.

Why We Make the Best Chaat Place near me?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to our reputation as the best Indian chaat food including:

  • We are original: Unlike other Indian chaat places in Toronto, we are an authentic place to hit for chaat items. Right from our staff to our recipes, everyone we employ and everything we use is 100% of Indian origin.
  • We are affordable: You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the best flavors. Get samosas, Tikki, vada pav, dhokla, and many other Indian delicacies at the best price.
  • We serve the best paan: We are the best paan place in Toronto and our paan is the most refreshing and fragrant paans you would have ever had.
  • We serve you with care: Following the spirit of Indian hospitality, we serve you with full attention and care. When you come to our restaurant, we take care of all your food-related requirements with efficiency.

Let’s indulge in the exotic flavors and taste of India

Bombay Chowpatty is your hit to happen place for sweet, tasty and tangy food choices. Do not hesitate to order a plate of hot and spicy Indian Chaat or a perfectly deep-fried Samosa with tangy chutney. If that is too much of spices for you, we also have a sweet counter with the best Milkshakes in Toronto along with Indian Falooda and Kulfi. To make it a complete course, we offer you the Regal paan that keeps your mouth fresh and fragrant for long.