Authentic Indian Chaat Items to Relish at the Best Chaat Place near me

best paan place near me in Toronto
5 Reasons You Should Head to the Best Paan Place Near me in Toronto
September 24, 2018
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Authentic Indian Chaat Items to Relish at the Best Chaat Place near me

Best Chaat Place near me

Indian cooking is undoubtedly one of the most savoured cooking styles in the world. Especially when it comes to chaat items, Indian culinary knows no competition. The tangy flavours of Indian chaat delicacies are enough to turn a bad day into the best day of your life. However, when you are away from India, it becomes very tough to find authentic chaat items to enjoy. If this makes you worried about your choice for the best chaat place in Toronto, we have got your back. At Bombay Chowpatty Toronto, we are an authentic Indian chaat place that has a variety of chaat items for your cravings for authentic taste and flavours of India. Here are the best Indian chaat varieties to try out now for instant gratification:

Taste Delicious Samosas in Toronto

Samosa is one of the most admired Indian chaat items. It is made of a crispy wafer with spicy potato and pea’s mixture inside. The outer cover of the samosa is made of all-purpose flour. The flour is rolled expertly and filled with a right amount of aloo mixture before they are deep fried to get the perfect golden brown color. As a samosa junction in Toronto, we serve hot, spicy and juicy samosa to our customers.

Best Vada Pav in Toronto

An all-time favourite of Indians, vada pav is one delicious and filling dish to enjoy at any time of the day. It is a combination of a special type of bread known as pav and a special patty known as vada. This patty is made of aloo and a combination of spices and deep fried to get the texture and color. At Bombay Chowpatty, we take pride to be the best vada pav place in downtown Toronto.

Dahi Bhalla Place in Toronto

Take a break from hot and spicy items and indulge in the soft and juicy texture of Dahi Bhalla. Made with curd and special patty known as Bhalla, this delicacy is eaten chilled and is one of the most satisfying Indian chaat items.

Kulfi Falooda Shop

Bombay Chowpatty is the address to hit when you are searching for the best Kulfi Falooda place in Toronto. We make the most delicious and richer Kulfi in the town. A perfect way to call it a meal, our Kulfi-falooda melts in your mouth offering your taste buds a gust of flavours and sweet tenderness.

These are some of the authentic Indian chaat items to try at Bombay Chowpatty. However, our selection of food isn’t limited to the items mentioned above. We also serve pav bhaji, aloo chaat, Tikki chaat, all varieties of shakes and the best paan in Toronto. Come to visit us and explore the taste of India.

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