Toronto walk around downtown's World Food Market
Toronto walk around downtown’s World Food Market
April 23, 2024
Toronto's best 5 places for Asian street food stops
Toronto’s best 5 places for Asian street food stops
April 23, 2024
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Top 10 Street Foods You Must Try in Toronto, Canada: A Culinary Adventure

Top 10 Street Foods You Must Try in Toronto, Canada: A Culinary Adventure

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario province, is located along Lake Ontario’s northwestern coast. It is one of the multiple inhabited municipalities in Canada, described and decorated by rivers, plunging ravines, and urban woods. The essence of the metropolis is reflected by the variety in its population and record. It is well-known for music and media shows and is home to the center of Canada’s foremost nationwide broadcast grids and media platforms. This terminus is also well-known for its different cultural establishments such as museums, public occasions, recorded sites, and sports activities, which attract millions of tourists per year.


Its thrift is various, including a needle in technology, innovation, arts, style, business, tourism, and food services. Tasty and mouthwatering food drives visitors to enjoy their stays in this wonderful city. If you are planning a trip shortly, below are some of the top street foods you must try in Toronto, Canada!


Are you willing to venture on a tantalizing culinary trip via the lively streets of Toronto, Canada? Look no other than Bombay Chowpatty, your gateway to participating in the most suitable Indian street food goods here in the core of Toronto. Unite us as we examine the top 10 street meals you simply can’t miss when seeing this mixed and vibrant city.



1. Samosa Chaat


2. Vada Pav


3. Warm gulab jamun


4. Chole Bhature


5. Pav Bhaji


6. Bhel Puri


7. Veg Pakora


8. Dahi Puri


9. Chaat Papdi


10. Sev Batata Puri



At Bombay Chowpatty, we’re proud to provide the original tastes of Indian street food to the streets of Toronto. Enter us for a culinary adventure unlike any further and realize why our top 10 street meals are must-tries for food fans in Toronto, Canada. Visit our website to know more and schedule your visit today!



As you can visit, Toronto brags a combination of individual, tasty street food that you do not enjoy missing. Several food stalls and street sellers are peddling tasty food all over the place. If you are seeking some of the best, then you must follow this list. Happy exploring and eating!

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