Toronto's best 5 places for Asian street food stops
Toronto’s best 5 places for Asian street food stops
April 23, 2024
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Indulge in Toronto’s Top 12 Food Trucks: A Flavorful Journey

Indulge in Toronto's Top 12 Food Trucks: A Flavorful Journey

Top 12 food trucks, individually fitting up delicious dishes authorized to meet your desires and depart you craving more.


  1. Bombay Chowpatty: stand foolproof to visit Bombay Chowpatty for a bite of original Indian street food with a trendy wrench. From spicy chaats and crisp dosas to delicious curries and biryanis.


  1. Communal Eats: Anointed for the variety of cultures and cooking that come concurrently in Toronto, Communal Eats buzzes out a tasty mix of Caribbean and Canadian fare.


  1. The Food Dudes: In recent years, The Food Dudes may have earned additional fame for their eateries — Rasa, Sara and Blondies pizza to name a few.



  1. La Palma:What’s better than La Palma’s signature menu? La Palma’s signature menu — on wheels. Their food truck is fueled up and ready to cater for your private events.


 5. SpiceRack: Three words come to mind when we think of 6SpiceRack: fried chicken fusion. Their epic double-handers feature juicy, crispy fried chicken with a beautiful blend of Korean, Italian and Indian ingredients and flavors.


  1. Chaska: Inspired by owner Naveen Seth’s childhood in India, Chaska’s Adelaide brick-and-mortar location serves up drool-worthy Indian street food that boasts big flavors and fresh ingredients.


  1. Buster’s Sea Cove: What started as a humble stall inside St. Lawrence Market in 1992 has morphed into a franchise with a standing for some of the finest seafood in the municipality.


  1. Randy’s Roti and Doubles: Randy’s Roti and Doubles bills itself as the first West Indian food truck in Toronto. it also shows vegetarian and halal alternatives. With a brick-and-mortar area just north of Yonge and Bloor.


9.Me.n.u: Pronounced “me and you,” Me.n.u food truck is all about fusion. Steak roti tacos get a sprinkling of pickled daikon; kalbi steak floats atop a mayo-smothered poutine.


  1. The Kathi Roll Express: “Unzip your taste buds,” instructs The Kathi Roll Express on their website. We’re not exactly sure how to do that, but we can keep an open mind when it comes to their bold fusion street eats.


  1. Mustache Burger: One of the finest Toronto burger places happens to be out of a eats truck. Made from freshly grated beef every day, their gourmet burgers are topped with your favorite choices.


  1. Jacked Up Coffee: There’s a charm to the warm beverages that Jacked Up Coffee serves out of their vintage-style blue food truck parked inside the Metro Centre and Yorkville Village

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